Let's Celebrate - US March 08 2017

We are ready for SPRING!!! March 03 2017

Merry Christmas!!! December 23 2016

FALL!! October 10 2016

Wedding Season is Here! June 03 2016

Wedding season is here, and outdoor weddings are quite popular. Here are some dresses that are perfect for the occasion.

The Paja Bege dress would be great for those rustic barn weddings. With the beige color and layer of crochet, you are given a casual yet elegant look which is perfect for this setting.

Whether it's a beach wedding or a regular wedding outside, the Rose Top & Skirt set would be perfect. The blush pink dress is a fun summer color, and the fit captures your curves beautifully.

Memorial Weekend May 27 2016

Memorial weekend is here, and if you've been worried about what to wear, take a look at our top picks!


1- The Florzinha Dress is perfect for a day full of fun festivities such as a relaxing beach day, a family cookout, to going out on the town. As the day goes on, pair it with your favorite jean jacket!

2- Maybe you plan to spend the day down at the beach with your friends or family, and we think the Bahia Vest is a must. It works great, and looks great too, as a cover up! The crochet allows your favorite bathing suit to still show, while giving you the little cover that you still want.

3- If you have a busy day planned, the Fruta top is perfect! With jean shorts and some sandals, it works great to give you comfort while running around. Add on a stylish summer hat, and you're all set.


My pick for this weekend!! May 20 2016

The sun is out and I can't stop thinking on summer dresses and I am picking this one as my "wear weekend"!! What do you think?

Balance??? How to get the perfect lenght. May 19 2016

We all get in one point in your lives that we need to learn how much skin we should show... I am know saying you are old, but we all get old, that is a fact!! If you like your legs expose them with a loose bodice dress, this way you can balance your look. Look sophisticated in a casual style.

Mother's Day!! May 07 2016

Is Summer coming???? April 27 2016

I know ladies it seems summer will never get here so for that we need a fun jacket that can help us look fresh for the next season and warm as well...

Look those jackets that we have at the store waiting for you!

Wide Wide - Pants!! March 31 2016

I know we love our leggings with boots or flats but now it is time for more loose a relax look!!

Yes I am talking about voluminous and slender wide pants. Embrace the look!

Vacation Vacation.... March 30 2016

Happy Easter!! March 26 2016

Let's shop for Easter!!! March 25 2016

Need more ideas for Easter??? March 19 2016

Easter is coming up and we never know if it is going to be warmer or colder. So I got some options for you!!


GREEN... March 17 2016

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Happy St. Patrick's Day!! March 17 2016

Thinking What to wear on Easter??? March 16 2016

What do you think??

READY - SET - GO March 12 2016

Stop by February 26 2016

This weather gets on my skin when I have to decide what to wear...I want to wear new but still cold and no more Winter fashion!!!

Well, stop by soon, I got some pieces where you can wear NOW and LATER. The colors are incredible, will keep you warm but you will be able to wear later - when it is 70's!!

I hope see you soon!



The perfect fit February 17 2016

Thinking Spring!!! February 16 2016

I know I know still cold outside, but we need to think it isn't going to be like this forever. So let's get ready for Spring!!

LOVE is all about YOU!! February 11 2016

LOVE LOVE LOVE February 09 2016