How to remove a stain on your favorite dress!! January 21 2016

Don't panic, this solution can help you!


  • ¼ cup glycerin (where to buy)- I keep this one on hand for body-related products. You don't have to use organic or a specific brand name.
  • ¼ cup water (Clean tap water is fine for short-term use. Use distilled or boiled and cooled water for long-term use.)
  • ¼ cup castile soap (I like orange, tea tree, or peppermint)
  • 1 TB hydrogen peroxide (3%)
  • 40 drops lemon essential oil (where to buy)- Lemon is the key ingredient. Since a fresh-squeezed lemon would cause this solution to expire quickly, I go with lemon essential oil. Feel free to use 1-2 juiced lemons if you plan to use the spray within 1-2 days.

A powerful all-natural stain remover made with just four basic ingredients! DIY Homemade Stain Remover Spray. Gentle on clothes, tough on stains! AMAZING before and after photos, including: ketchup, carrot juice, and pen marks.